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Life,Destiny,Dharma and the Paths to Perfection

9 years 4 months ago #1913 by des29
I joined this site today because I like so many others want to grow and learn and know without a shadow of a doubt that I am on the path my Higher Self has chosen for me to live in this incarnation.

Firstly, I want to say that I consider myself to a Christian, nondenominational, and that is the path in which I found not only God or my concept of God, my Higher Self (which I don't believe is God, but rather an aspect of the Ultimate/God), and brief glimpses of my purpose.

As I began to grow in the faith and sought the purpose God has for my life I started to see evidence of being a prophet and speaking the words of God. Realistically, this kind of floored me because I couldn't understand how God could have such a great purpose and task for my life. I mean, who was I to be thought of and remembered by God?

From the Christian perspective I can say that I have been saved for a little over five years. The last several years however have seemed to totally undermine yet simplify and illuminate things about the Chrisitan faith. The more I began to study metaphysics and learn that there is more to life than is just left in the Bible, the more I began to see that the Bible spoke of these things and challenged the dogma that I was raised upon for the last several years. In plain English, I once had a set of beliefs that I had come to learn weren't entirely accurate but they weren't necessarily wrong either. The basic foundation and dogma that I had learned was the stepping stone for me to learn even greater things about existence.

Today I stand here with the desire to fulfill that which I believe is my life purpose: the service of humanity. When I think about the many sages that have come before me, the Christ, Mohammed, the Dali Lama, and many other figures such as Ghandi and Mother Teresa, I wonder where I stand. When I'm asked to explain what exactly I believe, I no longer have any concrete answer, because I have come to understand that everything isn't as black and white as we were taught to believe. I stand as a person simply trying to do what I'm supposed to do, not having the tools, the knowledge or the skills for the job.

The one thing that I believe my Higher Self or angels or God, or guides told me today was this: You have to simply be the person that you are without fear. Do not fear disappointing anyone, do not fear the idea that people will turn their backs on you. Do not be afraid that you don't have the skills. Do you believe these things you need will be provided to you? And I believe, but it's still hard because I'm pretty much a Christian that other Christians wouldn't consider a Christian at all. I don't know if it's meant for me to start some new religious cult or movement. I don't know how I could even do that. I'm not sure I am as effective and capable like people have told me I am. That I have power that I can do many things and I don't realize. I mean clearly I want to be that person. I'd love to see auras and be able to travel astrally. I'd love to delve into the unkown or heal people, but most importantly, I'd love to be able to reach thousands of people and teach them what it is I feel God is teaching me. I feel I have to help people reach liberation although I have not fully learned it myself. Is that prideful? Is that selfish?
What are some steps and pointers I can take to being who I truly am? What are some safeguards against thinking too highly of myself? Because In my heart and soul and mind, there is nothing I can't do, II can't become, I can't achieve, yet karma and universal laws may be at work.

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9 years 4 days ago #1924 by Clair
Great lessons to be learned here. When you have practiced and mastered the Spiritual Truths from your Holy Spirit, it is like having a mentor constantly by your side.
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8 years 5 months ago - 8 years 5 months ago #2968 by Edaen
When you follow a spiritual path, then you understand that all religions and spiritual traditions have one universal source, that we all are moving to the same destination, back to the divine source where we came from. Taking the spiritual journey just means to follow actively the foreseen natural evolution of mind and soul. Indeed we are all the same-spirits on their way back home, enhanced with amazing experiences, grown by countless challenges and at least refined to high human divine degrees.
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7 years 7 months ago #3447 by alarice78
Replied by alarice78 on topic Life,Destiny,Dharma and the Paths to Perfection
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