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Story of a Tibetan Buddhist deity

10 years 6 months ago #1876 by MasahikoMamoru
I have this Tibetan Buddhist deity practice that I find very helpful to me as he has helped me out through many problems and issues, over and over again, but he is currently being banned by the Dalai Lama and his practitioners are being prosecuted in Dharamsala. Also, talk of him is not allowed in other Buddhist forums, the administrators ban people who mention even his name...when the Buddha encourages investigation! The name of this deity is Dorje Shugden, and there is a lot of resources of him online....I feel it is so unfair that he is being 'suppressed'. At about him before deciding whether or not to follow the Dalai Lama or not...many of his haters do not even know who he is.

He is said to help anyone who needs his help and is famous for dispelling black magic as well as bestowing wealth in times of need. Personally, he helped pave my spiritual path in times of struggle....I really hope that he would help you guys too.

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