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10 years 9 months ago - 10 years 9 months ago #1726 by xcerca7
Replied by xcerca7 on topic Re: New to the Boards
Yea man, that sounds cool.

About the " shoe tying" thing, that's.. not really what it means.

If you didn't believe that you could tie your shoes, or that shoes could be tied period, you wouldn't be able to tie them. ( short, but do yo understand)

I'll edit this post later and add more ( I gotta get to work )

But thanks for the reply
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10 years 9 months ago #1734 by xcerca7
Replied by xcerca7 on topic Re: New to the Boards

newagenewbie wrote: Kerry, Spirituality to you is just a dull ache?

Xcerca, so are you telling me reality only works if you believe it so? Or is belief only limited to working with crystals and healing and stuff? I can't look at my shoe and have it tied just by believing it. If that was the case then why are there still many people in the world that still suffer greatly? You can't say its karma because karma completely rules out compassion. How can someone look at a starving child and say they just chose that life, or that's their karma? That is just apathy and ignorance.

And when you say "perfect" are you talking about a state of consciousness? There is never a time in our spirit when there is no work to be done. God is always changing, and so are we. To think enlightenment is a permanent state of consciousness or a "feeling" that never goes away makes it sound like enlightenment is the end all be all toward self development. I thought the whole point of spirituality was to focus on spirituality, not physicality. The eastern religions are all about the physical body and just call that spirituality. With yoga, tantric sex, and doshas.

I know what you mean, and understand where you are coming from.

For me, spirituality deals with every form of energy, and every frequency of energy, our bodies and senses include a particulare range of those frequencies. I'm sure you have seen all the images like these ( ). The frequencies of energy are infinite in both directions, high and low.

In our range we have our human experience, awareness, and consciousnesses; and all energy is connected, and affects everything else around it like waves in the ocean, ripples in a pond.

Our consciousnesses is always moving, always changing, like a drop of water in the ocean, molecules temporarily join, and come apart, you could be in a storm, or in the deep calm. Everything in our experience arises out of this unified field of energy. When you heal yourself from with, it is a process of your DNA putting all of your cells and molecules in the right place, break this down further and it is energy being moved by energy.

So everything is energy, and it is all connected in our cosmic ocean.

Being aware of this is part of enlightenment, being aware that you can affect this is part of enlightenment.

When you affect your surroundings, you change your situations in life, and can change it into anything that you can imagine and believe.

When you belief something, it does not mean that you are changing anything, or "that you are moving things with your mind alone". But when you believe that you can tie your shoe, then by god you can tie you shoe, and if you don't , then is makes it very hard for you to even attempt the shoe tying.

The reason healing works if you believe it ( and we are talking about emotional and situation healing) , is that it starts in your mind, and so it leaves the mind.

However this is not exclusive, beliefs affect behaviors which affect actions and outcomes. So if you have a broken bone, and you didn't think it would heal, if nobody ever told you wounds healed, and if you specifically thought that I wouldn't heal; then your actions would prevent it from ever correctly repairing itself due to negligence and maltreatment).

In regards to the starving children, you have to remember that all suffering is relative. For instance you might think that you have a comfortable life, but a very rich person could look at our and say " how sad, how can they live this way ", it's a relative phenomenon. Karma is a process of balance, and the universe is always in balance, when one thing moves, another takes it's place, this moves right up to the level of thought and emotion, and social interaction. When you think bad things about someone, do mean things, or harm something, you create that in the Universe, everyone is doing this all the time, good or bad. This is also represented by Newtonian physics as "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction" and "An object at rest will stay at rest until acted on by on outside force" , " An object in motion will stay in motion until acted on by on outside force"

And finally, something from "The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali"

The very last Sutra, after addressing so many great things is "Unified Conciseness results when the gunas return back inward, or when the absolute self is permanent stabilized in the divine power of pure conciseness."

This is to say, once unified field, and unified conciseness, are fully unified, then the experience of conciseness rests on it's natural pure state.

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10 years 9 months ago #1737 by Angelman
Replied by Angelman on topic Re: New to the Boards

Kerry wrote: Hello newagenewbie,

For me, it started quite early, and my first awareness held the seeds of all subsequent encounters insofar as it got me into trouble.

I wasn't old enough to know I should be hurrying.
That these interruptions in my education were frowned on.
The trip down the yard, bounded on one side by the rising Victorian bulk of the school, and across the narrow playground the towering wall which held back the hillside, was a voyage of discovery after the dull tedium of the classroom.
At the far end, my destination - the dim outhouse with the big metal milking-bucket that had once seen better times with the cows.

Now relieved of any distractions the return was more significant still.
It shaped the rest of my life.
I was six.

Over the top of the wall, high above me and black against the bright morning sky, brambles hung dripping in icy cascades as the sun found all the colours in the stones, ferns and moss, and brought them to shining life.
The beauty of it took my breath away, I was rooted to the spot, drained of any purpose - completely and utterly enraptured.
I can't remember what I thought, all those years ago, but the feeling is still with me.
It was the sort of feeling which can make you waste the rest of your life looking for God.
The sort that hurts when you have it, and hurts even more when it leaves you

The edge in her voice cut me out of Paradise like a paper shape, her small figure in the tall stone doorway almost vibrating with anger, oblivious to the beauty which seemed to me so much more vital and worth seeking ...
than everything she represented.
Teachers, authority, grown-ups, twisted hymns and gentle Jesus meek and mild, she put all that up against the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.
Well, if I had to choose, I was six - but I wasn't stupid.
Neither was I any longer the child who had gone down the yard. I'd seen too much, I'd had a glimpse.

Now I see spirituality as the dull ache of an old memory of perfection, the awareness that this is not all there is.
My eternal self reminding me of the ephemeral nature of physicality.
But that's not new age --
Probably old age.

WOW. I used to call it "The Magic" and I still feel it every day
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10 years 9 months ago #1740 by Angelman
Replied by Angelman on topic Re: New to the Boards

newagenewbie wrote: Hey guys. Long time spiritual seeker, new to the whole new age culture though. Some of it is kinda interesting, while most of it I don't really seem to make sense to me. Looking for someone to help me make sense of what this new age movement is bringing forth and to be able to answer my questions about a few things. Been on a couple forums and looking for answers but no one can really help me. Maybe you guys can? What is spirituality to you?

Spirituality to me has been and still is a journey about learning about me, what I was, am and will be, I'v learned I have total control, and the most powerful tool I will ever use is CHOICE, I have learned I am not a victim of my feelings but the creator and keeper of them, I have learned the difference between knowledge and knowing, I have learned there is a human me and a spirit that is much much more then me, I have learned that I am ( the spirit) complete within myself, I have learned I have created anger, sadness, hate, loneliness, judgement, separation and much more yukky stuff and I have learned that when I stop creating my own sh-t that there is something there that is already created and I am a part of that ongoing creation and that is love and peace and joy and gratitude and light shinning.and all I have to do is choose.
I have learned to change me not the world or my world, I have learned that my yukky stuff was perfect for me to learn about me and so I let the world be as it is learning about itself in its own perfect way.
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