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Questions for God

10 years 4 months ago - 10 years 4 months ago #1558 by Amore
Replied by Amore on topic Re: Questions for God
I apprecited your comments, although I'm sure I'll learn more about them.

Jehebranoi wrote:

Amore wrote:

SubsidingInsanity wrote: Why is God concealed?

Personally, I believe that God is revealed to everybody sooner or later, but why the wait?

Because, God is truth - both the beautiful and the ugly & we simply can't handle more than a little at a time.
Illusions ("the veil") cushion us from truth until we are ready for a little more... Then, either we seek it on our own or life circumstances demand it of us.

Think of how children - at birth can't distinguish between themselves & others. They are so limited in awareness. Gradually, they realize more - & become more independent. But for a long time, the full extent of parents is concealed from children's awareness, because they haven't developed the consciousness to understand & accept that there is more to their parents than just "mom" or "dad."

"The Kingdom (realm/experience) of God is within you."
For a long time, God seemed to me, to be outside of myself & so I'd get frustrated like you & ask things like, "God if you're so powerful, why allow so much suffering?" I'm gradually realizing that my experience/feeling of God cannot be anywhere but within me. Others' experience of God is within them. When a prayer seeking divine will goes unanswered, it is often because those of us in the sphere of influence of answering that prayer were not in tune spiritually.

I agree with you on all parts here, Uhmm, except that the soul enters the baby's body during it's first breathe and you are given pre-determined lives to choose from in the afterlife before-hand. If you chose that life, you chose who your parents will be, and when you get old enough, people will come to you and ask you to do something that you think is real stupid, but you will have an urge to do it anyways, and the reason is because your chose that life, is because your spiritual essence (soul) is communicating with other spiritual essences, and you will meet up with them in order for you to be asked to do something that you do not really want to do, in order for that person's spiritual essence to feel that you actually paid off your life debt to them, from another life, or for them to do something for you for what they did. We are all in the world of Myre or Sumsala, which is the world of Bondage, Ignorance, and Totallity. The totallity is that you are here to pay off these life debts, until you will be re-born no more, and enter the world of Mouksha, or Bliss. But one thing is for sure, 50% of all of our genes are the same, and the only reason that we know how to walk around by the time we're 2 yrs old, is because we've lived so many past lives doing it, now we do not need to learn it as much as it's engraved in our genes. Maybe many years ago we didn't walk until we were quite awhile older. Same goes for using a spoon. But knowing who your parents are, is God given, and we are not clueless just because we are baby's, we're having to re-ajust our gears to communicate to our body using our spiritual essence through certain junctions, (or transformers) which is why many people once they can do something on their own, they want to do it so that they can learn how to use their body better, maybe even at a sooner time during the early stages of their next life subliminally.

Hi Jehebranoi,
Thank you for giving me something to think about regarding reincarnation.
Personally, & based on what I've read, a belief in reincarnation is not as important as using it as a tool to learn about oneself. Even if you were never a king or queen in a previous life, there is king or queen-like attributes within to be cultivated.

One aspect about reincarnation beliefs that doesn't sit well with me is the idea of babies being born guilty. I don't buy that. I don't like how parents were damned for not getting their baby baptized before they died, so now the baby is also damned - manipulative BS to me. I also don't belive in justifying abortion or any other killing because of "karma." I believe our duty is not to condemn - we will never know it all - but our duty is to love based on "righteous judgment' - considering as many perspectives as we can - to strive for what's best for ourselves & others (through trial & error/active faith).
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