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How to help Science at home for free ( BOINC )

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11 years 2 months ago - 11 years 2 months ago #182 by ShawnS427
You can use your idle CPU power to help process the massive amounts of scientific data that is collected each day with a program called BOINC. BOINC stands for " Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing "

If you are familiar with [email protected] then you already know the concept behind BOINC. You can Actaully run [email protected] from BOINC Now, as well as many other projects.

The idea behind [email protected] started several years ago when we started using radio telescopes, the instruments collect a huge amount of data, Terabytes and Terabytes daily. There is no computer powerfull enough to process all of this data in anything close to real time, so clusters where developed, and eventually it grew to using the internet and anybody in the world that wants to help can download some software and sign up. Now the project BOINC has spread to include processing data for the Medical Field, Physics, Math, and some funny projects as well - scientists aren't without a sense of humor.

If you have an old laptop laying around collecting dust, or and old computer that you are not using that you want to put to work. Power it up and go to .

It may seem a bit silly at first , but they actually do receive valuable data from BOINC quite often. It is guaranteed to make you feel better knowing that you are contributing to the greater good and betterment of humanity.

I feel better knowing that I have BOINC running, I took out two old laptops that I had just sitting there and now they are running BOINC 24-7... not only are they processing data that helps make the world a better place, they also keep the room just a little but warmer :).

Topics for data that you can process at the moment are:

Earth Sciences
Cognitive science and artifical intelligence
Humanitarian research on disease, natural disasters and hunger
Physics, biochemistry, and others
Mathematics, physics, evolution
Mathematics, computing, and games
Biology and Medicine

Personally, I use BAM - BOINC Account Manager , you can easily sign up for projects through BAM, then they autmatically get loaded into BOINC when you sign in with your BAM Account on a computer... it is a really great thing, and fun to be involded in. They even have contests, prizes, and alot of other incentives and activity.

I would like to set up a BOINC Team for

Do any of you use BOINC, BAM, [email protected] or [email protected] ?
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