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Waves of Potentiality

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11 years 3 months ago - 11 years 3 months ago #161 by xcerca7
Waves of Potentiality was created by xcerca7
I have been thinking about this a lot, and most of the things that we talk about her are ineffable, but we try to put them into words.

Everything is made up of potentiality, or, "it exists, because it has to the potential to exist". This is the basis of what I am talking about in this post.

So everything arises from this, like waves in a never ending ocean, and we are riding a wave.

The waves also go in a circle, out of the highest, most fastest wavelength, comes the lowest wavelength. Up and up , and up, faster and faster, until the act of creating forms another wave... like the millions of tiny ripples on a tsunami.

Everything is made out of this one thing, matter, light, space, time. Matter and light are like the ice, the most dense form, they can take and hold their shape. Water is like space, less dense, matter can freely flow through it, moving along the with motion and flow of this massive unified field. And steam is like the time, the most free and least dense form. Time condenses into space, and space condenses into matter.

In Einstein's relativity, Space and time are a fabric, that matter "bends". But really , it is the same thing "potentiality", matter is space/time in a more compact form, that is why matter seems to bend light. It actually affects it similar to a planes wing with the "lift" affect.

Low pressure in one area and high pressure in another, causes the moving object, "light", to move toward the path of least resistance, the low pressure area, the massive object.

Since there is more space "behind" the object and less space "in front of" the object, it is actually pushed toward the massive object, by the space. But since there is so much space, and so little matter, most objects are affected very little buy this, until they are "sucked in" by the massive object..

Here is a picture I made to help me explain this. You might see a little bit of the Flower of Life (The logo on the top of this web page) , it may also seem a bit chaotic at first, but it is just circles inside of circles, which is all the universe is...

Kind of cool huh ?
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