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Quantum Physics & Law of Attraction

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11 years 3 months ago - 11 years 3 months ago #145 by ShawnS427
Quantum Physics & Law of Attraction was created by ShawnS427
So how are Quantum Physics and the Law of Attraction related to anything that has to do with Religion & Prayer?

Religions have traditionally done two things: Told us how the Earth was created, and told us how to have a good life and be happy (and some of them say that to suffer in this life you will be rewarded in the next)

This is taken from the entry on Quantum Physics:

"In the realm of quantum physics, observing something actually influences the physical processes taking place. Light waves act like particles and particles act like waves (called wave particle duality). Matter can go from one spot to another without moving through the intervening space (called quantum tunneling). Information moves instantly across vast distances. In fact, in quantum mechanics we discover that the entire universe is actually a series of probabilities. Fortunately, it breaks down when dealing with large objects, as demonstrated by the Schroedinger's Cat thought experiment." -

Now , based on the Doppler effect, we know that the Universe is expanding. Expanding from a single point that exists beyond our 4 dimensions. Imagine that our Universe is a fish, it came out of an egg in a Ocean of dimensions, and is made up of a lot of different smaller parts of that Ocean ( the fish is what the fish eats, and it grows). Now this is a vastly over simplified explanation, but the jest is that we live in a 4-Dimensional Universe, that exists in infinite Dimensions. Some may or may not have the same laws of Physics that we do. But what we can say is that all of the infinite dimensions exist through and permeate our universe, and our perception of it is therefore infinitely small. This Ocean of Infinite Dimensions is the Unified field, and like in an Ocean of water, what happens in one part, creates waves, and affects all of the other parts.

In our human body we can detect certain a spectrum of energy, they are all different wavelengths of the same thing, vibrating waves in the unified field. Touch has the longest and slowest wavelength, and is the most dense from of energy, next we can hear (and feel) sound , which is a higher vibration of energy, then above that is light, the shortest and fastest wavelength. Beyond these we can only speculate, but we know of radio waves that exists in the spectrum, which theoretically spreads infinitely in each direction, our entire Unified field could be a single up-down cycle in the lowest frequency.

Image the light spectrum charts you have seen, they extend the visible range of light, below the visible spectrum is still the same thing -energy waves- vibrating at lower frequency.

All of these vibrations of energy affect each other vibration. In our universe we have cause and affect. If I do something it has an instant and immediate affect. For example, if I pet my dog he instantly feels it. This brings us to the Unified Field, things Religions say about God, are also the descriptions of the Unified Field - All that is Seen and Unseen - All that is, was, and ever will be - The Creator and the Destroyer- The Emptiness that all potentiality arises from... This is the definition OF the Unified field, if later down the road a new... whatever... is discovered, it is part of the unified field.

Next, our bodies exist in a range of this spectrum, or minds interact with every level of vibration, as do our bodies.

No philosophy, religion, doctor or psychologist says that thought doesn't matter, this is where mindfulness and manifestation come from. We must be aware of our thoughts, control our thoughts , and our imaginations will manifest.

Our thoughts interact with all energy, our bodies, and the unified field - this is where religions would say "We are all parts of one body".

When we hold onto a thought, for long enough, you will manifest that thought into reality. Reality itself is just an extension of the unified field, in which our minds create everything that exists. You have probably heard things like " Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you are right" or "you will see it when you believe it" , well that is most definitely true.

Unified Field - All that is seen and Unseen - All that is, was, and will ever be - God

Law of Attraction - What you think is what you become - Thoughts become things - Prayer

So, a scientific connection to God and Prayer...

We don't want hurt feelings, we don't want to be unkind. But we want to be truthful... if anything I have said hurts your feelings, then you should explore the emotional connection that you have to your belief.. it may be that you believe in the love and warm of a particular Church community. But, just because their philosophy is incomplete, it doesn't mean that their love isn't real. Love has no religion, science, or philosophy!
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11 years 3 months ago - 11 years 3 months ago #157 by ShawnS427
Replied by ShawnS427 on topic Re: Quantum Physics & Law of Attraction
I think I can sum up this site in a few words :

Unified Field - Law of Attraction

Now , how can you base your life around this? Love and Mindfulness.

Acsended masters have learned to unconditionally love all things, and that is what we are all moving toward I.M.O.

It would be great if we could all share with each other how to live in Mindful Unconditional Love for all things...

It starts with Mindfulness. Based on the Law of Attraction, we attract what we think about most, like a wave/vibration, being bumped around and pulled back and forth and up and down , until it settles in with it's place in the spectrum..

My Mantra now is " Unified Field - Law of Attraction - Unified Feild - Law of Attraction - Unified Feild - Law of Attraction...
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