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Dr. Laura and Homosexuality

10 years 5 months ago - 10 years 5 months ago #1407 by SubsidingInsanity
For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Dr. Laura show here is a brief description taken from Wiki.

Laura Catherine Schlessinger (born January 16, 1947) is an American talk radio host, socially conservative commentator and author.[5] Her radio program consists mainly of her responses to callers' requests for personal advice and has occasionally featured her short monologues on social and political topics. Her website says that her show "preaches, teaches, and nags about morals, values and ethics".

Her show has become enormously popular. At one point second only to Rush Limbaugh, and was heard on more than 450 radio stations. In a response to her expressed opinion that as an observant Orthodox Jew, homosexuality is an abomination according to Leviticus 18:22 and cannot be condoned under any circumstance, a “fan” of hers posted this letter on the internet. I find it absolutely hilarious and felt I should post it here.

Dear Dr. Laura:

Thank you for doing so much to educate people regarding God's Law. I have learned a great deal from your show, and try to share that knowledge with as many people as I can. When someone tries to defend the homosexual lifestyle, for example, I simply remind them that Leviticus 18:22 clearly states it to be an abomination. End of debate. I do need some advice from you, however, regarding some of the other specific laws and how to follow them:

1. Lev. 25:44 states that I may indeed possess slaves, both male and female, provided they are purchased from neighboring nations. A friend of mine claims that this applies to Mexicans, but not Canadians. Can you clarify? Why can't I own Canadians?

2. I would like to sell my daughter into slavery, as sanctioned in Exodus 21:7. In this day and age, what do you think would be a fair price for her?

3. I know that I am allowed no contact with a woman while she is in her period of menstrual uncleanliness - Lev.15:19- 24. The problem is, how do I tell? I have tried asking, but most women take offense.

4. When I burn a bull on the altar as a sacrifice, I know it creates a pleasing odor for the Lord - Lev.1:9. The problem is my neighbors. They claim the odor is not pleasing to them. Should I smite them?

5. I have a neighbor who insists on working on the Sabbath. Exodus 35:2 clearly states he should be put to death. Am I morally obligated to kill him myself, or should I ask the police to do it?

6. A friend of mine feels that even though eating shellfish is an abomination - Lev. 11:10, it is a lesser abomination than homosexuality. I don't agree. Can you settle this? Are there 'degrees' of abomination?

7. Lev. 21:20 states that I may not approach the altar of God if I have a defect in my sight. I have to admit that I wear reading glasses. Does my vision have to be 20/20, or is there some wiggle room here?

8. Most of my male friends get their hair trimmed, including the hair around their temples, even though this is expressly forbidden by Lev. 19:27. How should they die?

9. I know from Lev. 11:6-8 that touching the skin of a dead pig makes me unclean, but may I still play football if I wear gloves?

10. My uncle has a farm. He violates Lev. 19:19 by planting two different crops in the same field, as does his wife by wearing garments made of two different kinds of thread (cotton/polyester blend). He also tends to curse and blaspheme a lot. Is it really necessary that we go to all the trouble of getting the whole town together to stone them? - Lev. 24:10-16. Couldn't we just burn them to death at a private family affair like we do with people who sleep with their in-laws? (Lev. 20:14)

I know you have studied these things extensively, so I am confident you can help. Thank you again for reminding us that God's word is eternal and unchanging.

Your adoring fan, James M Kauffman, Ed.D. Professor Emeritus, Dept. Of Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education University of Virginia (It would be a damn shame if we couldn't own a Canadian)

LOL! :D ... Like I said hilarious, but all kidding aside I'm curious as to how Christians and Jews nowadays view the old testament.
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10 years 5 months ago #1419 by maguru
This had me laughing out loud. Good one. We have evolved, haven't we? :)

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  • xcerca7
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10 years 5 months ago #1420 by xcerca7
Replied by xcerca7 on topic Re: Dr. Laura and Homosexuality
Wow, that is very smart and creative, thanks for sharing this...

I guess the answer is, the bible actually isn't Gods Law or even the word of God, it is mans Law and the Word of Man...

But you know, we are fallible creatures, so you can't blame people... they are always doing what they think is the best thing for them to do at that time :\

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10 years 4 months ago - 10 years 4 months ago #1557 by Amore
Although Dr. Laura can be a bit blunt, overall, I think she has a healthy perspective of things & has inspired a lot of good - particularly for children, which I admire.

I don't see any writings by anybody - even those who wrote books of the bible - as anything to blindly believe & pattern my life after. We're given brains to use - not to waste & go along with herd mentality.
Still, if there is something that makes sense scientifically, psychologically & socially - I will NOT reject it just because it happens to also be written in scripture.

I see no good coming from lawmakers forcing society to honor sexual fetishes, especially homosexual fetishes that have proven to be harmful to society. Frankly, I question the herd mentality that blindly follows this illogical notion that fetishes=rights... then makes fun of other herd mentalities.

There are reasons why this homosexual herd mentality is dangerous:

1. A sexual fetish is when something or another body part is using instead of the usual sexual organ (ie anal or oral sex). Some fetishes are sucking toes... why such hipe over homosexual fetishes - when they are all fetishes & undeserving of special rights? It is illogical & obviously based on emotion, not reason. To legally cator to homosexual fetishes opens up doors to catoring to other sexual fetishes & in fact those in the LGBT have supported normalizing pedophilia & child porn laws.

2. Homosexual fetish practices have proven to be harmful. STDs are spread through bodily fluids - making homosexual fetishes dangerous. Even in 2 healthy individuals, anal sex presents risks of anal fissures, anal cancer, colon rupture & bacterial infection... another reason homosexual fetishes are dangerous.
According to the US CDC, those who engage in homosexual fetishes are more likely to contract & spread STDs & AIDs - because they change partners more often - even after entering into commited relationships.

3. Children have the right to be supported when possible by law, to be ensured to have a mom & a dad.
(Yes, I know, not all heterosexual couples have children, but ALL children come from heterosexual unions & denying one parent is contrary to common sense & research that plainly demonstrates that children need a mother & father not only to EXIST, but also to thrive in being raised in balanced ways.)

4. Children have the right to go to school & not be indoctrinated with homosexual fetishes, however in places where homosexual fetishes has been included to redefine marriage, children are being indoctrinated regarding homosexual fetishes, in various ways.

5. People have a right to voice their concerns about this... (and I wonder how I will be received in sharing this - we will see)... Many have had their rights infinged upon in favor of supporting those with homosexual fetishes.
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