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Are they actually seperate ?

10 years 8 months ago #1282 by Gooseone
Our brains have a capacity for thought.
For thought to be of any use it needs something that can respond to it.
Conciousness is the space from where thought is observed.
It is undeterminable which came first.
Yet for our brains to be able to function conciousness is off the essence.
So i would conclude it is a function of our brain, the difficulty people have with explaining it is that
as soon as a thought occurs one is placed outside the thought to observe it.
This functionality is not used much by people ( usually ) , yet it gives us an ability to observe our
inside world and our outside world much the same. the trick is to not try to "do" it.
Once you "get" it, it can be quite amazing and comforting for a while.
Awareness however......

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