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Unified Field

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10 years 9 months ago #1011 by xcerca7
Unified Field was created by xcerca7
There is a Great Movie out Called "What the Bleep! do we know: Down The rabbit hole". I have watched it a few times, but the extended DVD version has 3 Discs, front and back, with a total of about 9 hours of video, but discs 2 and 3 are really extended versions of the first disc, the Theatrical Release. It is about science, consciousness, and spirituality.

In watching it this time I took away somthing that I feel is very important, and wanted to get it down - to share, but also to use the site as a kind of journal, so that I can remember it.

-In talking about Spirituality/Religion etc. there is the concept that all things are connected, we are all one. The Catholic Church that I grew up in used to say " We are many parts, we are all one body ". What parables do other religions use to express this concept?

-When we get into science and then Quantum Physics says " Everything is connected, or entangled" - and the connections are physical, and metaphysical, because time and space don't affect the entanglement. One could say time and space arise out of the unified field.

-Then Carl Sagan once said " You are the Universe, Experiencing itself" - which would point to, that we are part of the undivided/unified field, and we are part of the universe. So the universe is self aware, because we are self aware.

So everything is one, there is no "End" to you and "Beginning" of something else.

Jesus said "Love thy neighbor, as yourself" - because he knew that we are all one, and so when you love your neighbor, you actually love yourself. He didn't say " Do nice things for your neighbor, because it is a good thing to do, and God will reward you if you do" , He only said "Love". So, you can do nice things for someone, without loving them, expecting to be rewarded by god, and then still feel bad (because you are not feeling love) - or, you can love them, which in turn gives you love for yourself and everything.

I have been trying to relate more and more to many types of people so that I can love them, even if i don't agree with or like them. So, my personal ego has to get out of the way in order for me to love.

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