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11 years 4 weeks ago #1620 by wazu
where to go was created by wazu
I am a recent high school graduate and I would like to further progress my view of myself in the world and try to find my purpose. My parents just want me to do something that im passionate about but i have no real passions that i am yet aware of. So I spoke to my father and he said he would buy me a plane ticket to a place of my choice if i wanted to leave home for a couple months or a year. I have decided that rather than just follow the path that everyone else i see following i would like to discover my own path and i know that i could achieve this through meditation and spiritual discovery. I could try to explain to my dad that i dont want a job due to the fact that i wish to meditate in my room, but he would not want me living in my house whilst doing nothing. So i would like to leave to another country possibly somewhere in asia where i could find a school or a teacher to teach me the ways of meditation and kundalini yoga. I have no goals other than to learn about myself and how i can work with the universe to do good things for my fellow man one day. So i was wondering if anyone here could tell me of a place that i could travel where there would be someone willing to help me.

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11 years 4 weeks ago #1621 by xcerca7
Replied by xcerca7 on topic Re: where to go
You might be interested in a School called Maharishi University of Management ( ) It is an accredited University in Fairfeild, Iowa - for after your travels. I went there for a visitors weekend a while ago, and it is an good school, they have a vegetarian cafeteria, and teach meditation and a lot of deeper things that you won't get at a traditional american University. It would at least be worth doing a visitors weekend.

But if you are going to be able to do some traveling for a spiritual journey I would recommend northern India,maybe you could even get into old Tibet...

The real answer is to meditate on it, and figure out what your inner self is calling you to do :)

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11 years 3 weeks ago #1625 by Kerry
Replied by Kerry on topic Re: where to go
Hello Wazu,

Your fellow man certainly could use your help, whether flooded out of his home, scorched by fire, or sitting in the rubble, post earthquake, and I feel fairly sure he will not mind if you are not as yet fully enlightened.
He wants what you've already got -- the urge to help, two strong arms, a good brain. and your heart in the right place.
If you turn your attention outwards to the mundane needs of others, your spiritual progress will take care of itself.

Rather than going off to find our purpose, it seems to me that we create it for ourselves, though of course a change of scenery is often the catalyst for a change of perspective.

As for tending to the spiritual needs of others, the best way I know of, and the hardest, is by example.

When I first left home, at nineteen, I went to work in Germany, and from there I got involved in smuggling bibles into communist Romania with Pastor Richard Wernbrandt's organisation, Underground Evangelism. It was probably the most eye-opening spiritual experience I've ever had ...

... but all I did was drive the car.

If it's true that adventure is discomfort, in retrospect -- perhaps the same can be said of spiritual progress.
Good luck with all your journeys.
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11 years 2 weeks ago #1715 by MistyW
Replied by MistyW on topic Re: where to go
I agree with the above, to get to true inner meditation paths, go to where they really know how to do it (Tibet, India, etc). But you can settle for just practicing meditation in your room or outside in a secluded nature place. When you really feel like you are opening up and the light path is calling you towards going seriously into meditation and other spiritual things I recommend you check out the above.
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