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How do you Meditate ?

10 years 5 months ago #1881 by ingoglia
Replied by ingoglia on topic Re: How do you Meditate ?
Hi, I have been using japa meditation. I learned this from Dr. Wayne Dyer. This is where you vision the first 10 words of the our father and in between each word you stay in the space and say the sound aah. You do that 2 - 4 times then moving on to the next word and then to the next space. You also can vision what you want to manifest while in the space. This meditation is so you are connected to God (the source).

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8 years 3 months ago #2983 by Edaen
Replied by Edaen on topic How do you Meditate ?
Meditation is classified as a mind-body practice. It is used to move the focus of your attention away from the noise of the mind to the inner self where there is silence and peace. I practice yoga in a quiet, dimly lit location sit with straight back. Place my hands in lap or on knees. Then Inhale slowly and deeply. Exhale slowly. Do the same several times. Concentrate on relaxing my body in stages and begin to breathe slowly and rhythmically.

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