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How do you Meditate ?

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11 years 6 months ago - 11 years 6 months ago #142 by xcerca7
How do you Meditate ? was created by xcerca7
Do you guys do any regular meditation? Regular as in on a schedule?

What do you do?

Personally , I went to a teacher that does a well known technique, and it has help me out immensely.

When I wake up in the morning, I do what I need to in the bath room, then take my dog out for a walk. So then, after being awake for a bit, I start my meditation.

I sit at a regular chair that is around my kitchen table, first I think "this is a good way to spend my time" , look at a clock to see what time it is, close my eyes, and then slowly begin to relax...

In my method there is a meaningless word that I repeat in my mind, slower and slower, longer and longer, until I am at the place between sleep and awake. Allowing all of the energy, of the universe to flow through me, as I flow through it, like a grain of sand, floating in the ocean, and an ocean inside of a grain of sand.

I feel stress come up, make my skin tingle , and I let it go away, and it is gone.

When I'm done i sit in my chair for another minute or so, then I go about the rest of my day

What do you do?
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11 years 3 months ago #684 by jamesfrancis
"It has been said that prayer is talking to God
and meditation is listening to God.
The following may be useful to some.
It is a road map of sorts."

If you would know thy Maker,
provide then for yourself a place of least distractions.
Beyond that,
you need only your purist yearning,
for the journey to your Father is a path already laid
and merely forgotten.

I seek again thy face,
but they say “no man has seen the Father.”
I would say perhaps I am No Man, for am I not begotten of Thy Spirit?
Within Thy Divine Vision am I not the son of Your Thought?
And my soul, the Light from your Heart?
Therefore, my Father,
I travel within the planes of Earth and I see and hear You not.
For I have accepted the Veil of matter,
and I know
all such doors and blocks within me, that hide me from Your face and voice,
are of my own making and of my choosing.
But now, so does my heart long for the Garden of Our Spirit,
and as Your son (or daughter),
I ask Thee to remove the doors of my own making that lie between us.
You know what they are.
Though I cannot see, I know Your eye is clear and now upon me.
Take then my illusions, for I seek the Garden of Thy Spirit
from which issues forth my Soul as the Blossoming Light of Thy Presence.
So do I surrender my darkness into Thy Light,
my blindness into Thy Sight.
And here from the deepest longing in my heart
comes the knowing of my truth.
Thou art the Light and Life of my soul
and surely it is true,
I am no man . . .
for “I and my Father are One.”

james francis

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11 years 1 week ago #1212 by Unlocked
Replied by Unlocked on topic Re: How do you Meditate ?
I've started doing some mantra meditation recently, though I really like meditating while listening to a Theta or Delta metronome.

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10 years 11 months ago #1368 by MoonLightened
My method for meditation has changed over the years. The method I now use is to simply feel my own consciousness and then sit with that. Not the mind, but feel that which witnesses it. I can do it at any time, for any length of time, eyes open or closed. The more I "practice" this, the more it becomes a part of me and doesn't require as much effort or technique.

I recently read somewhere where Osho had commented once that true meditation is not a practice or something that you do. True meditation is not a state separate from your mind at any time but a way of being.

If someone had told me this years ago, I would have either laughed or thrown in the towel on the whole business. But now I can begin to understand what he meant. It's the sense of peace that knowing your true being instills in you.

Meditation is one of the healthiest thing you can do, in my opinion, physically, mentally and spiritually. Keep at it and marvel at how it evolves.

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10 years 11 months ago - 10 years 11 months ago #1371 by xcerca7
Replied by xcerca7 on topic Re: How do you Meditate ?
That's cool Moon,

I think I may do some of that while doing what I have been doing mostly now, which is listing to HoloSync

I do kind of like what you do 'Unlocked' , but the HoloSync tracks have some music such as flutes, etc. I may try using some of the plain Alpha, Theta, or maybe Delta white noise tracks. But I have really enjoyed my experience with that type of technology.
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10 years 11 months ago #1372 by SubsidingInsanity
Well, here's a technique that has helped me. Five minutes every mourning can really make a difference.

Relax yourself, close your eyes, and sit quietly and comfortably somewhere peaceful. Imagine that out of the darkness a beautiful light appears way off in the distance. Slowly the beautiful light comes closer until it completely engulfs you. Feel all the love that comes from it. Now imagine an altar appearing before you. Place all the things that are troubling you on the altar. Now watch as the altar fades away into the perfect light. At this point imagine that you are no longer a body but have actually become the light so that there is no place where you end or the light begins. The light in now all encompassing. Nothing exists outside of it. Feel free to remain in this state for as long as you like.

This is a way of giving your burdens over to God, or "Spirit", or "Source", if you prefer, and declaring that there is nothing that comes before God in your life. The ego really hates this stuff. I'm convinced that such meditative states are capable of one day undoing it.

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