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Welcome beloved souls, after 6 years we are back online and the time is right for the ascension of planet Earth, please jump into the conversation and check out our content.

Part 15 - Pleiadian Alaje - Spiritual Wisdom - Lightwork-Greece-English Sub

Part 21 - Pleiadian Alaje - Spiritual Wisdom - HEALING THE SOCIETY - English Sub

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Was The Universe Born From Nothing?

James Webb Telescope Terrifying Discovery At The Edge Of The Universe!

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THE YOGIS OF TIBET - Rare Documentary Film

It's Reality! First Ever Parallel Universe Has Finally Been Discovered!

SACRAL CHAKRA HEALING with Hang Drum Music | Feel Alive and Create the life you Desire

The Universe: The Strangest Phenomena Ever Seen (S3, E10) | Full Episode | History

How to Activate and Open Your Third Eye - Teal Swan

What are Dimensions?


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