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Dragon Guide Coming from my Third Eye?

11 years 3 months ago #996 by SirStarfish
Hey guys, this is my first post so hi all! :)

Basically my mum is an amazing Reike healer, she balanced my heart chakra that had been half closed for a long time.
As well as seeing that my crown chakra was really wide open.

There was one thing that i wanted to know more about;
When she got to work on my third eye, she said a vision was shown to her of a Green Dragon in my third eye coming out of golden light.

Could this be my spirit guide? Why a dragon? What could this mean? And what is the resemblance to my third eye?

Thanks all,

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11 years 3 months ago #997 by xcerca7
Replied by xcerca7 on topic Re: Dragon Guide Coming from my Third Eye?
Wow, that sounds very cool.

Usually for things like this, the meaning depends on the significance that you assign each individual element.

For example - if you don't like dragons and think that they are a beastly representation of anger, hate, and destruction; then it could mean that there are some parts of the way you view the world, universe, and reality - that you don't like.

But if you adore and cherish Dragons as a symbol of strength, and positive things, then it could mean that you are seeing and experiencing things in a positive way.

Your third eye is your "minds eye" - or what you see in your mind when you eyes are closed, or when you are dreaming; your perception of experience.

There is really no arbitrary meaning behind visions, they are personal to the individual, and are meant to show you something that is of value to you, and whatever it is you need to be seeing at the time.

I find that the meaning of things like this are revealed simple by trusting you intuition and instinct.

BTW, It is very cool that you mom is a Reiki Healer, maybe she we like to could come on the forum and talk to us about it.

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