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Chakra Healing

10 years 8 months ago #1846 by ChakraHealing
Chakra Healing was created by ChakraHealing
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Chakra Balancing - A Practical Guide to Balance the Chakras & Start Chakra Healing Today (Energetically Speaking) by Davina DeSilver

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8 years 3 months ago #2982 by Edaen
Replied by Edaen on topic Chakra Healing
One cannot stress enough the importance of well-balanced, healthy and harmonious Chakras in maintaining holistic health. The Chakras are important for a balanced mind-body-spirit. As we are blessed with abundance of information on these wheels of energy called 'Chakras' in ancient literature.

One way to fully understand your whole being is to understand and experience your Chakra energetic system. These wheels of energy blend your life-force energy with your physical energy.There are major and minor chakras; the major chakras manage your most critical bodily functions and issues, and the minor chakras regulate less fundamental needs.

Any problem that you have, whether it a physical ailment, negative emotion(s), faulty beliefs or rigid, dogmatic spiritual perceptions, stems from or creates stuck energy. To fully heal from an ailment, you must release the stagnant energy that is the root cause of it. By working with your Chakras, you can clear away the stuck energy that does not serve your highest purpose. This broadens your perspective which will assist you in making the changes necessary for better health, relationships and personal and financial wellbeing.

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