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Inter-Connectedness of Suffering

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10 years 10 months ago - 10 years 10 months ago #1583 by xcerca7
Inter-Connectedness of Suffering was created by xcerca7
So we are all one, we are all connected - therefore technically all psychic phenomena/ miracle comes out of this fabric. OK, so; I've been thinking that this is where all suffering comes from as well, so the state of one persons suffering could be a reflection of the state of humanity as a whole. Since we are all connected; many are familiar with a sense of sympathy and empathy.

This is why healing the world is so important to our own healing, one person cannot be whole and complete while another suffers, this is just the nature of empathy. But with this comes another sense of connectedness and wholeness, out connection to our fellow life forms.

So it is important not only to focus on healing, but also in the state of perfect health and balance - which is the end result.

What if, what you are feeling, is what everyone is feeling? At Least you're not alone, right?
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10 years 10 months ago #1586 by soffty
I have a difficult time when I try to be knowledgable about suffering. I don't want it to be a necessary part of our society, but due to our condition, it seems necessary. And no one I encounter in daily life cares about anything other than much that they are paranoid to a certain extent and watch out for others and stay defensive.

That is why I am so vocal about truth. People internalize their true reality and condition while they pretend to be in better condition than they are. People just WANT so much and often seem to have internal struggles so bad that they fail miserably at getting what they WANT.

In America people are very much addicted to ego and believe in themselves, and consciously promote themselves with no concern for their accuracy or truth in the matter. We have a noticeable movement toward a superior condition online, but if we try to take truth to the public they aggressively defend themselves against truth, as their ego is their addiction.

I would say that 80% are so egoic that truth has no equity, while without the internet it is probably 90% or more. And 10-15% are still not concerned with understanding suffering. We don't want to suffer, yet, it seems that we have no choice. I don't know what will help us care about truth other than suffering. Suffering can bring us down to reality, and to a condition that may be able to listen and care.

As it is, people simply do not care about truth. That doesn't mean that there aren't some that do, but the better our overall condition the less truth matters. But, I fail to see any manner in which we can understand suffering well enough to share it. We cannot even share truth. It is very difficult to even share love. People are commonly too egoic to get beyond their defensive condition and not have fear strong in their definition. And not be able to admit any of it.

Online, it is simple to find someone better than us. Out there, quite the opposite.


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10 years 10 months ago - 10 years 10 months ago #1587 by xcerca7
Replied by xcerca7 on topic Re: Inter-Connectedness of Suffering
Wade, you use the word "truth" ALOT , and I just think that this can also be an egoical thing, such as " what I think and say is true, and is the truth" and " what you think and say is not true, and is false".

To me the opposite of true is false, I'm just trying to get a grasp of what you mean when you say "truth" ( remind you I am not asking what "the truth" is, but what do you mean when you say that) because it seems a bit like egoism...

anyway, thanks for the post...

this kind of related to a larger cause of suffering i think which is "dis-communication, or mis-understanding"... which is causing this discussion in the first place :)
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10 years 10 months ago #1591 by soffty
Hi Shawn.

I know my usefulness is wearing thin. I have made it a point to sort of "wrap up" my posting and I have not been effectively "speaking", and instead have been preaching.

I have been using the word truth too much. That is not the problem with people who have awareness and consciousness, and seek a higher form of it. So I know that I need to just post when I actually have something to say to the forum, not to the world.

When I speak of truth I am talking about the world. America to be exact. It is obvious that I am upset with the progress of our people. And when I mention truth I am mostly talking about the mass of people who just will not face who they are, and instead live within a huge excuse that is plastered all over their every move.

I apologize to this forum. I have made it a point to provoke many members. Inconvenience has been useful in getting people to think. But I am a royal pain in the butt because I just don't make enough effort to be respectful, especially on this forum.

You especially, Shawn, have been extremely kind to me. Everyone has. It is really cool that you are interested in the whole topic of spirituality, and it shows how wonderful the world will be one day...when everyone is like you.

The "truth" I have been speaking of is each person's truth. We are all different, but society requires us to keep silent or risk our safety. So we tend to "evolve" into someone who is fear-based and misrepresent who we are. If we don't get our way we just keep our mouth shut.

My negativity is painful I know. I am going to move on. I have worn out my perspective. I am working on resolving some issues and wrapping up some goals. I will participate when I have something worthwhile to say.


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10 years 10 months ago - 10 years 10 months ago #1593 by Gooseone
Lol , soffty :)
I mentioned before that it seems you have some understanding.
This might become manifest as a distaste of what you see as untrue, sort of like "being aware
of it not being the way". Then combine that with how you have / are functioning as a human and
the result is a conviction that there needs to be something done to make things better.
I have tried to mention that if you can let go of that notion, you will automatically be a full expression of that urge you might have and which seems to give you much frustration at this time.
( Any prediction or guarantee how that would manifest is impossible though so you can do
away with any expectations.) Which brings me to the point of suffering...
Here we have a perfect example of soffty who seems to be at a point which could be described
as "suffering". I have a hunch he does not see his state as negative.
He is ( as most are ) a product of past experience , and it is usually the ones wherein one suffersthat make for a distinct direction where the path unfolds.
Frustration usually makes for a much better catalyst to evolve than a desire for something nicer /
better. ( Which is usually also evoked by dissatisfaction with a current state.)
If everything would be perfect there would be no reason to change and even perfection would
become boring at a certain point, creating imperfection.
Although it might not seem like it, i am empathic and could never wish for anyone to suffer, it
would be a conscious ignoring of occurring sentiment to state that i am unaffected when observing anyone having a "bad experience".
Wade , thanks for being so useful to make a point, and please visit this thread again if your
current point of view has made you evolve a bit further along the road :).
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10 years 10 months ago #1594 by soffty
I have this feeling that stays with me. It is frustration. I have done so much in my life to illustrate, but those who I am working on behalf, do not care at all. The ones who notice me are those who really don't need me except to reinfortce what they already know.

My books have been the only thing I have done that have done a good job, in my opinion. The events of my life, such as giving away everything and not participating in materilaism anymore, is only for me. I am preparing to make the change and need to find peace and lose my ego.

You guys are more advanced than me. One thing I need to do is like you say, change my perspective on truth. I see truth as two things...the truth that an individual grasps, but does not adhere to. They live a lie. And the other is the vast conglomeration of truths that lie behind the lies that we live. For example...the government of the US.

I know you guys have no need to be vocal about the lies out there. My efforts are to educate, and help others to accept their individual defintion and believe in they stop living a lie. I make some mistakes, I know. I tend to speak to an illusion, rather than the person. And I should just be at peace with myself.

But, here is my dilemma. I am not finding peace in order to live. I am seeking truth, so I can arrive at my peace, in order to die. I should not be alive now, according to several people and organizations. I have some very strange stories and experiences, but I also know no one cares other than me and a very few who have an interest in these incidents.

My obvious mistakes are not lost on me. I know I ran off SubsidingInsanity and probably a few others. I also know they will come back soon, after I am gone. PLus, I have this one big delusion that I cannot shake. I feel that I am leaving behind a very tiny legacy. I think there will be some people who notice me much more after I am gone.

I am actually proud of my ability to accept my true self. I will leave here doing my best. I leave a trail of a person doing his best. I also display what we do not want...a boy who grew into a man with no help from family. I had a family, but it was poison. I always envied my friends who had a mother who loved them. My Dad was always with me as we did so much together, but he was never a friend to me. I would not be surprised if he is an alien.

That is who I am. I seek the truth behind the lies. I place stress upon those around me, either by setting a good example or by sucking the love out of their identity because I have a void inside. And any person who maintains a self-improvement ability applies stress to others because they tend to be weak, addictive, and fear-based. Their suffering is internal and kept hidden.

So, I see one aspect of suffering as expressing what is hidden inside. The act of accepting truth. So, my overall definition of truth is for each person to stop doing what they are doing and overcome the fear and let that which is forceably kept hidden emerge. Maybe it is because I have had to do that and more.

As I look back on my life, it is the couple of best friends I had that who had supporting mothers and were able to be straightforward and honest about who they were, and could point out my mistakes to me.


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