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Internalize This Paradox... or Seek Higher Power?

10 years 10 months ago #1613 by Kerry
Hello Amore,

I've enjoyed this conversation too, thanks for initiating it.
A final thought , since you mention belief in a way which had me fairly bouncing with agreement.

My position is largely the result of reading the Seth books by Jane Roberts.

At school, one of the main things I learned was that though not exactly stupid, I was hopeless at mathematics.
This became an entrenched belief, and I no longer questioned this self-imposed disability.
It wasn't until my work as a traditional architectural blacksmith brought me into contact with the sacred geometry found in church architecture, using the Fibonacci series and the golden section, that I realised the subject had a side which fascinated me, and that I had no difficulty with it - in fact, quite the opposite.
This encouraged me to tackle quantum science, which interests me greatly, and provides many parables for understanding that which is not amenable to Newtonian physics, (even though I still don't know a simultaneous equation from a hole in the ground).

This encouraged me to go weeding in the garden of my beliefs, make a big pile of the unhelpful ones, and have a bonfire.
And whenever I hear myself say something like, "Oh that's just me I'm afraid, I've always been that way."
Or when I believe I'm right, and the other is wrong -
I know I must have missed one.

Bon voyage Amore.
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  • xcerca7
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10 years 10 months ago #1623 by xcerca7

Amore wrote: Thank you for the comments - and for giving me a lot to think and feel about.

A few things mentioned in this thread have helped me realize that it really doesn't matter so much what we believe - well it does need to be functional/healthy - but there are many beliefs that apply in that way. Thank you for helping me realize that belief is personal - & that it's about creating and maintaing good spirits within.

Now the challenge is to trust oneself enough to value one's own thoughts and feelings...

I've never heard it put this way but you make it very simple, I like what you said " it really doesn't matter so much what we believe - well it does need to be functional/healthy"

That's it really, it doesn't matter what you belief, as long as it's healthy and functional... those two conditions really make it simple.

Healthy and Functional.

The theme of our forum really points to this doesn't it? "Functional" I would say is based on the scientific method, and would include physical health, and "healthy" would be based on spiritual condition.

So that is truly a gem, I find that the most profound things are ALWAYS the most simple.

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