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Secrets are the building blocks of humanity

10 years 10 months ago #1565 by soffty
If we take a 1 1/2" copper pipe that is three feet long and drop a ball bearing it takes a little over a second to hit bottom. If we drop a magnet, it takes 3 1/2 seconds to hit bottom. There-anti-gravity. There are stories all over the world in our history of floating stones traveling through the air. There are stories, and evidence, of humanity being around for over millions of years on this planet.

Yet, where is this truth offered to us? By our government? By the Bible or our religions? By our scientists? Where is the truth? The secret societies? The FreeMasons? Illuminati? No! This truth is offered to us by the people. By the single guy here and there who cares about truth enough to stand up and go against...who? EVERYONE!

No one supports truth. If we do, we do it privately. Because what happens when a guy stands up for truth? Look at me...that will tell you. This is the truth about humanity. We do not know our true history because we are NOT noble creatures. We are not beauty and wonder. We are ONLY the truth that lies beneath the lies.

Jesus was a doorstop for truth. There was no potential to stand up for truth. God is not here supporting us. This existence on Earth is not what we say it is. Almost everything we think is a lie. This is the meaning of 2012. This is the next chapter. WE are here on Earth to suffer. That is our job. We know almost nothing about truth. We have our suffer and show our desire to overcome the science of this vibrating existence, and leave without ego...and stay on the path of light after we die...and join up with our destiny.

Or we can continue to suck on the ego. The only advantage we have is the internet. This is a fact that defines our definition. What would you do, if you were a courtroom judge, and you had humanity receiving judgment from you? All you would have to do on Earth is wake up in a new day, because truth does not exist. You could avoid any decision at all.

Human means hypocrite in ancient language. Is that because we are THE BAD GUYS? Or is it only the result of ego as it infects us in this reality? Here is the question...are you honest? Can you even answer that? Unless the secret societies can destroy this planet before the internet saturates our existence with truth, we will have a new spiritual leader, and she will not be grooming egos and offering love. It will be all about us making the choice...suffer or suck on the ego.

That is my current observation. The videos have the answers.Will we receive these answers or will some organization stop it from happening? The Christians will certainly not be the ones to save us. Seems to me we need some truth gifted to us from the other dimension. Not some consciousness, because we have already shown that will not work. We have tried that for maybe millions of years.

Will aliens come and save us? Will our leaders and secret societies accept them? Will Christians accept them? Can we even begin to accept truth now? I think I have an will take an investment on our part, and it will cost us our career. Damn! Not that! Turn around and slap that ego!


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