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there comes the hour

11 years 5 months ago - 11 years 5 months ago #689 by jamesfrancis
"There comes the hour
when man is busy doing his chores
of toiling in the fields, lakes, streams, and seas for his sustenance,
when upon the face of a rising Sun forms a gathering mist
of Divine Construction.
And fathers will call unto their sons and mothers for their daughters
and neighbors to their friends, Come see!
And upon the earth it is exclaimed,
Behold the Light that breaks forth upon the horizon.
They that have eyes to see let them see!
For the Veil parts as the shadow of earthly ether is now Lifted.
Blessed are you, children of this Sun,
for behold this Light from the Throne and Heart
of Divine Love made manifest
touches your eyes.
For to see thy Truth and know the way,
so has this Light come upon you,
this Pure and Gentle Star of Love.
And upon the earth His footsteps are many
and His manner so Light. "

james francis
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