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The Process of Transmutation

11 years 2 months ago - 11 years 2 months ago #180 by anataggy
Have you heard the “Midas King” tale? The story goes that this king had the power to transform everything he touched into gold. The good news is that he was very rich but the bad news is that he couldn’t touch those he loved most because… well, you know. But this is not the part of the story I am interested in.

All through the centuries we find writings recording man’s obsession with the transformation of lesser value metals into gold. The endless trials science men carried out in order to achieve this goal resulted sometimes in false claims, sometimes in very angry powerful men deciding that these blatant lies deserved death.
Some accounts say that the goal was accomplished but, somehow, the formula was never found, let alone a consistent way to make it happen.

Coming back to our present time, this leads us to the subject of this article:
Do you wonder what “Spiritual Alchemy” is all about?

I would like to explain to you how you can turn the so call “negative experiences” of your life into treasures and lessons that will transmute your awareness into that of a being of light, which in fact you are.

What I am going to explain to you in the following lines is simply the step by step process that will highlight what you already know and already do on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we have the tendency to sometimes getting lost in one of the steps of this process, losing perspective of the “final destination” or purpose of the lesson hidden in your present time.

It is as if somewhere along the line we get distracted and our focus loses determination and neatness. It is at this moment when we get lost in the rollercoaster of our life’s events, which creates an energy drain that prevents us from keeping on building the amount of energy necessary to shift ourselves to the next level.
It is like going up the steps in a very tall building and running out of energy to keep going up, so we sit on the steps and wonder why we never get to the top…

So let’s begin with the steps:

1. You ask for something in a form of wish or desire. This means that you are asking for a new challenge because you are ready to grow to the next level. The request is imbued with feeling, desire and emotion, which activates the mechanisms of the Universe to set your wish on the way to you.

2. You are presented with exactly the opposite reality to what you are asking for. This is because the Universe is highlighting your current block that is preventing you from receiving what you want.

3. You get shocked and a feeling of despair arises because somehow you are not able to link what has been “presented” to you (your present) and what you asked for.

4. The shock stops you from recognising the gem (lesson or gift) hidden in your present situation.

5. Instead of totally surrendering to what has come to you and go with the flow of things in order to facilitate the lesson being clearly shown to you, you resist this learning (something like “I don’t want this present because the packaging doesn’t look like what I expected it to be”) creating struggle, frustration and anger.

6. These negative feelings that you feel towards the external event are being projected to the event itself and you perceive it as negative.

7. You may further bring down our energy by adding to it memories of past experiences where you felt as you do today. This reinforces your negative feelings and so you assume that this current event is proof of “what you already knew or suspected”. At this stage, labelling occurs such as “I am never lucky”, “This always happens to me”, “My father always said this to me”, etc. All these labels have in common a lowering of our self-esteem and self-confidence. We may get into a spiral of feeling sorry for ourselves, self-pitying, feeling powerless to create change, wanting out, not wanting to commit our energy to this process voluntarily, etc. We can identify with “losing this power to make the life we want”, or “being a loser”.

8. On top of this, we may compare ourselves with others who not only don’t seem to be going through what we are going through but who seem to be happy and successful. This may generate feelings of inadequacy and even envy and further loss of power.

9. This negativity creates a leak in your energy-system: the valuable energy that you need in order to build up your awareness and to raise to the level that will make you receptive to understand the light, information, wisdom or lesson that is being presented to you.

10. You may stay in this space for either a very short time (seconds or minutes) to a very long time (weeks, months, years or even a life time!) depending on your level of self-development and/or personal foundation and your willingness to surrender.

This is not a time to “blame” yourself, though. It is not simple to surrender: we need to be ready and willing to do so and even realise that surrendering is needed! And in order to do this, we need to outgrow our Ego control and its fear of death or, in other words, losing its control over our lives. Surrendering is the equivalent of being touched by light or, in other words, having created a space in our energy field for this light to be able to reach through into our hearts!

11. When we have bee wallowing in this negative perspective for long enough (for us to outgrow it), we realise that things can’t possibly be this bad. We start to flip the scale and belief that we are not possibly meant to go through life like this. We “remember” who we really are! We have touched rock bottom and the way up commences. This is the point when you feel that “enough is enough”, when you have suffered enough.

12. We stop, centre ourselves, regain our faith on the fact that the “present is perfect” and open ourselves to receive or accept the lessons presented. We have gained the necessary strength to rise to the challenge. This is the point of surrender or the point where our Ego decides to stop fighting the Higher Will for us. This is the time when healing occurs and the time when we open our hearts to our greatest potential and to the light.

13. You then experience all the range of feelings that go with this experience: anger, loss, upset, sadness, self-pity, powerlessness, grief, etc. This means that you are integrating the experience, that you are putting new pieces of your energy system into place, that you are transmuting the originally perceived negativity into light. You are becoming whole.

14. The pieces of the puzzle now can be put in the right place. A bigger picture starts taking shape and you begin to understand what is happening. You gain insight into what is your place at this point and time related to your own life and to the greater Universe.

15. You then choose to behave differently, to see the situation under a different perspective and to take action to change it into your new frequency or level of understanding. This is the point when you may say “I don’t know why I didn’t see this before!”

16. By now, you have assimilated the lesson and consolidated the new frequency or information (light) into your energy-system. This is the point when you shift yourself to a new level.

17. Your external reality, by Universal Law, must mirror your new level of self-belief and so the old challenge leaves your reality and a new one comes along. Sometimes immediately, sometimes you stay in a “temporary place” where you don’t really belong but which gives you breathing space and time to consolidate the fragments of your field of integrity. You have now the opportunity to assimilate all what has happened and review, depending on the depth of the lesson learnt and the level of shattering of your old perspectives or patterns, a new vision of your life-work, potential and purpose.

18. As this consolidation shifts you to a new level, you now see this event from a new perspective. If you have had enough time to finish this cycle properly, you then will have feelings of gratitude for this opportunity for growth and expansion of your mind, heart and soul. The feelings of gratitude come because you realise that this process leads you closer to joy and further away from pain. If you decide to be ready to learn future lessons in lesser time (accepting the present becomes a lesson in itself!) you will accelerate your learning and your success.

This whole process can take anything between seconds to years. The first and most important point is to allow yourself to experience all the feelings (this is where the transmutation of energy takes place, the MIDAS TOUCH). It is then that the old patterns are being broken and let go of our space creating room for a new vision, perspective and level of self-belief.

The second most important thing is that once you understand the process, you can identify with the next one much quicker so instead of resisting it when it comes, you can go along with it and speed up the transition. You then become a “shape-shifter” of darkness into light. You then have understood the Process of Transmutation.

By Dr Ana Garcia PhD
March ‘2004
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