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The 10 Commandments of Success

11 years 2 months ago - 11 years 2 months ago #178 by anataggy
We see people becoming successful around us everyday, no matter how uncertain times we live in or how fluctuating our society may be. Opportunities come and go more than ever, but what is it that makes some of us hold on to the abundance that is our birth right while others see it as a slippery dream that seems to avoid us?
There are certain strategies and ways of being that we need to achieve in order to be able to create a strong foundation to allow energy, money and abundance to come into our lives and be held within the frame of our capacity to receive:

1. Listen to your inner guidance.

Following the rules that others follow may not be right for you. We need a connection with what our own purpose is and it is only us who can provide the answers. It is easy to fall for the illusion of “what seems” and as we do so, we disperse our focus on what our own strengths are. Comparing our lives with others’ only disperse or focus further. Think of this: we are on the Earth and therefore there is one place for us (like each piece in the puzzle). Which one is it for you? What are your strengths? What are your dreams? Are you dissolving the power of your clear focus by getting lost in the maize of possibilities? What do you think you will be missing out if you become who you are? What sacrifice are you avoiding to make? What is your trade-off for the life you live, where is your energy compromised? These and other similar questions will guide you so make sure you have time and space to listen to the whispers of your soul.

2. Honour yourself.

It is easy to make ourselves wrong when things don’t go our way or as we planned them. However, there are gifts and talents that we all possess and will never leave us; we earned them and they are with us for life. The only setback is that if we don’t work with them, they all but disappear from our lives. We then find ourselves fighting to achieve skills that may not be natural to us and need to spend an enormous amount of energy in the process, rather than turning back and finding who we originally were, align with our talents and let them guide us to our destiny while we enjoy the freedom and joy of pure self-expression.

3. Competition or Cooperation?

Do you believe that everything that can ever be created has already been so? Then, I understand you are fighting to gain customers from your competitors or you are getting disillusioned when the house you want and has just appeared in the market is being bought by someone else. Give yourself credit for you are a powerful being: visualise the life you want and create it through intention, focused energy and faith. Then you will understand that we are not here to compete for what has already been created but to create the new that will make ours a better world to live in.

4. Navigate the “undercurrent” of your life.

Are you trying to find meaning and reach your highest potential in your life while at the same time you are avoiding to meet yourself face to face at the deepest level? Where are you sabotaging your efforts? What contradictions are you carrying within your belief-system? Everything that is out of integrity in your life will create an energy drain and it will be very “energy expensive” to keep filling this leak. It would be better to go to your foundations and see where your efforts and your dreams are out of alignment with your values, needs and beliefs.

5. Focus on joy, abundance and attraction.

Do you feel that life is hard and we need to learn through pain and sorrow? Or are you willing to surrender your Will and Ego to the Universe and allow your gifts and talents to open up a path for yourself? Are you ready to learn through joy and expansion and accept the abundance that lives just at the outskirts of your life-force field, your heart expectations, your imagination?

6. Wait for your inner prompts, then follow them.

The Tao says that “every trip of a thousand steps starts with one step”. Massive goals can be broken into small steps. Focus on a dream or vision, break it down in achievable steps. Take one at a time and plan the length of time that it will take you, feel what it will be like when you achieve it, think of it as already here and make sure you celebrate at every little gain. You won’t be a better person or be worth more when you get there: you already are that better person and you already have that worth. Simply know it.

7. You learn better when you are humble.

Is your Ego getting on the way of your achievements? Is the original vision for yourself limiting what you can become? Have you grown and your Ego doesn’t know it yet? Let go of wanting to control the outcomes; relish the endings and thrive on the processes. This way, you are a winner at every single little step!

8. You are not what you do.

Are you scared to death to loose your income, to be made redundant? Do you identify yourself with your job title and you feel it would be unacceptable to have to go even one single step backwards in your career? Then, think about this: if your time was up tomorrow, what would you say you would regret not having done? What would you think was the most important thing for you?

So what is making you take for granted the life you live and the achievements that you have accomplished? Put things into perspective and know that you have created your present and you could create it again and again. It is not something that “you have been given” – it is something that you have “made happen” by your persistence, focus, dreams and original vision of yourself. Don’t carry that dead weight and leave a space around your “work identity” so that if tomorrow things are to happen, you won’t get the shock of your life. Give yourself space to grow and manoeuvre and dare to review your profession, career and goals on a regular basis. You will then understand what freedom is, the freedom of not depending from “others’ hand-outs” but from the fact that your are the source in your life.

9. Timing is everything.

Are you able to set up a goal and then be open to receive inner guidance on when the timing is right or the timing is off? Are you prepared to be patient in an alert sort of way? Yes, you will need to observe the opportunities that may come your way and take the steps you are being guided to take, whether you understand the reasons why or not. The point is that when you wish for something in your life, you are actually setting in motion the process of creation of that item, not “its instantaneous manifestation”. Once you have asked for your gift, have faith that it will come to you for self-doubt is the only thing that will revert back the process of creation and bring it to a stop. Then, be willing to be patient and abide to “Universe Timing” instead of Human Timing.

10. Be grateful for all you are and already have.

Are you asking for more because you don’t have enough or are you asking for more because it is part of your next step of growth and self-empowerment? There is a big difference. In order to attract more, you need to open your heart and receive what comes your way. The amount you will be able to receive is related to your self-worth. If you feel that you are doing without, you are stating to the Universe that you don’t trust you are being taken care of. Or perhaps you need to understand abundance through the experience of lack. In any case, gratitude opens your heart and being able to acknowledge what you already have received in your life if the quickest way to attract more!

By Dr Ana Garcia PhD
March ‘2004
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