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Breaking the Patterns

11 years 9 months ago - 11 years 9 months ago #177 by anataggy
We all struggle. It is a matter of fact. And we do so because we resist. We resist accepting some of the people, elements, circumstances or events that take place in our lives. We refuse to acknowledge them as part of our creation sent to us to learn our lessons and to move on in the evolutionary path. Others call this our path to Ascension. Others call it enlightenment. Others, personal growth.
Whichever the case, until we learn to fully take responsibility for all that is in our personal space, we will struggle.
However, I have found that this, like everything else, can be learnt, if we put our mind and our will into letting go of our way of doing things and accept the Universe way. I call this Breaking Patterns.

Now, you may be thinking, WIIFM? (or What is In It For Me?)

Let me explain it with an example. I hope that this story will inspire you to compare some aspects of your life where you feel stuck or perhaps where there is little movement.
While I was working on my Life Path vision a short while ago, I had a very strong intuition to go to the Internet and do a Chuck Spezzano card reading from his "Enlightenment Pack". This is a 3 card reading which I do when very big spiritual transitions are taking place in my life, it is free and it is incredibly clarifying.

The first card tells you about the Issue (in my case Disillusion of the Material World), the second about the Way Through (in my case Letting Go) and the third about The Gift (in my case Leadership).
So I thought: "Well, I already know that the physical world alone doesn't fulfil an existence and surely, there is always some old mind-pattern that I need to break or a thought that I need to let go of in order to heal some aspect of my life. Leadership, this sounds good..."
But when I read the explanation of Leadership I was totally gob smacked; it was a concept I had never heard of and I want to share it with you:

Leadership, apparently, is the concept that The Way to Heaven is in Pairs. Now I can tell you, I have read a multitude of spiritual books but this is the first time that I have come across this concept. The idea is that whenever you are stuck in some area of your life, there is a person there who needs you more than you need to move on. If you can give this person your heart in support and love, both of you are set free.

Silence... Thinking... Putting things together... Visiting my life-patterns... Then it hit me!

All my life all I wanted to do is read and write but for some reason I would put pen to paper and no much would come out, so I would grow frustrated and give up.
While my original gift was put to a side because of some inner block, I had a go at many different jobs. But in all of them I would eventually get stuck because I couldn't use my creativity in the extent that I wished and needed.

I looked back at all these jobs and something suddenly stood out: for every job I have had in the last few years (since I decided to consciously work on my personal and spiritual growth) there has always been one young(ish!) lady in some kind of spiritual or emotional trouble. I noticed that, for some reason, we would get attracted to each other and I would take them under my wing and help them grow until they were strong enough to move on with their lives (if you are reading this, my friends, you know exactly who you are!). The fact is that as soon as they would move on to a new place of strength and growth, it would be a matter of a couple of weeks for me to move out of the job!
And, you see? What happens with patterns is that they are unconscious mind-sets which we use to analyse and judge the world around us; as soon as one of these patterns is in the open and we become aware of them, the energy held in them (which was used to hold them in place) is released and reabsorbed in our energy field, therefore it is normal to find more time, more money, more energy... in one word, more of life! and so we shift to a new place of understanding.

As soon as I realised this, I had a very strong whisper in my ear saying that being a writer is what I always wanted to do. But whether I didn't believe in myself and this is which was blocking me or whatever else, helping someone else in my life has allowed me to free myself from those limiting beliefs.
And for the first time I have a fantastic enthusiasm and I feel completely excited to start, yet again, a new cycle and a new chapter in my life, knowing very well that I never need to repeat this pattern again because darkness can't have any power over you once you have brought it into the light.

This is why light is more powerful than darkness. This is why unawareness or spiritual ignorance traps us into doing things that we can't free ourselves from, even when we know that we would like our lives to look different, but don't know what to do about it! This is why every time a pattern is broken, one of us sends a message to the Universe that there is hope, that love and understanding will prevail, that we are children of the light moving forward in our very long way home.

And the ripples create such a joy that all the beings in the Universe join in celebration... and when this happens, we and our loved ones receive the blessings of our efforts.

By Dr Ana Garcia PhD
September ‘2004
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