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Become the Alchemist of Your Life

11 years 6 months ago - 11 years 6 months ago #176 by anataggy
I am so angry today I could scream. I just don’t understand why I keep finding myself doing jobs that are simply boring or unchallenging.

On top of this, the money is poor and my boss gets my back up. I don’t seem to be able to enjoy the tasks or the people at work and, for that matter, the people in my life!

Have I done anything wrong? Does the Universe get satisfaction from seeing me suffer? What have I done to deserve this?

But enough of this nonsense!

Don’t they say that we create our reality? Well, in that case, there must be a purpose to all this!

So, what is it and why does it escape me?

Yes, I remember: I keep forgetting that our thoughts are energy and that we have the power to attract those realities that match my current frequency or level of self-belief.

OK. In that case, let’s go to the origin of my reality and find out what it is that I am thinking?

Surely if I can connect my reality with my thoughts, the lesson will become clear and I can shift into my next lesson as soon as possible. I just want to see and feel some kind of movement forward in my life! I want to feel that my life has a purpose!

I am so tired and bored with my current lesson. I want a new one! I must obviously be ready for a new challenge as I am talking in these terms… this is the beginning of self-empowerment, when we say enough is enough.

So let’s go back to my boring job and my struggling relationships.

I remember reading somewhere that or environments and relationships mirror us in some way.

So if I am looking at the mirror and see myself and decide I don’t like what I see, there are lots of things I can do to change that: I can change my make-up, my hair, my clothes. I can even modify my body posture, shift my attitude and look in my eyes to find some “sparkle”, my seed of light. I can leave that room feeling like a film start, if I choose to!

OK. So shifting the way I see myself doesn’t seem so difficult. All it takes is for me to stop to give myself some attention, then make some choices to change what I don’t like. But what about the world around me? I can’t possibly change my boss’ personality or the place I work…

But what I can still do is dreaming, for dreams are free!

So let’s see: if what I am experiencing is not what I want, what is it that I do want?

I want to be happy, have fun, make money, see the world, spend time with my family and friends, go to the beach, learn interesting things… but surely this is too much to ask. This sounds impossible!

There, I caught you again!

First thing: if you think that something is impossible, you are right. It becomes impossible!

So let’s break it down: what is impossible? To attain your dream? To think a dream? To deserve that kind of happiness and abundance? To make it happen?

What about going to the Moon? Doesn’t it also seem a dream come true? And do you think it happened overnight? Don’t you think many preparations needed to be done in advance?

Why do you feel that one little step at a time is not good enough? Why do you give up the whole dream just because it takes focus, persistence, faith, courage, passion? Who says things were going to be dropped on your lap? Who says it doesn’t take effort to achieve your dream?

Who do you think you are not to be an example to the people around you of what it is to live a life worthwhile, full of courage, bravery, love? Who are you to stay small? Who told you that you can fall and stay there, then moan that life doesn’t get any better?

Do yourself a favour: pick yourself from where you left it, give yourself a good shake, stand up proud, look far into the future and find that vision that will make anything worth fighting for.

Every seemingly negative aspect of your life is the door to some talent, skill, dream, vision, strength, power or light hidden behind the illusion of reality. By identifying with that reality, you lose the perspective to realise that you are incredibly powerful, that you can manifest any dream.

Experience the feelings but don’t get attached to the illusion. Look behind the doors of negativity to find the light on the other side. Assimilate the experience and integrate the lesson. Accept your present time as a gift and be grateful for the opportunity given to you to shift yourself to a new level of self-belief…

And become the Alchemist of Your Life.

By Dr Ana Garcia PhD
March ‘2004
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