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segun ellos. alla ellos; selah

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7 years 1 week ago - 7 years 1 week ago #3768 by dason02work
segun ellos. alla ellos; selah was created by dason02work
we'd love to hear from a wise worded technique to rubb off being mean, being mean as in it isn't in us for what we know as respect.

the welcomed spanish phrases 'segun ellos' & 'alla ellos' are like magical shields of innoscent converted translations as 'according to themselves' & 'over there them' in vocal spanish as beasts of security through the strongs and pulls poured out from tounge and lip.

that a truly and just suited 'according to themselves' does not beat our way and hoped and standing, very known as not true and beside the point. that a really 'over there be them' be over there them derived munchkin like plotting and same like goofy terms of recieving.

'segun ellos, alla ellos. selah.' that you're the one conquering your inner presses.
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