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Using the Law of Attraction in your Daily Life

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11 years 6 months ago - 11 years 6 months ago #170 by xcerca7
The Law of Attraction is simply that like attracts like, this can be interpreted and explained in many ways, one of which goes something like this...

Imagine that the universe is a television set, and you are the remote control.

A television set doesn't care what it displays or shows, it just projects what you tell it to. The universe acts in the same way, it doesn't care what house you live in, what car you drive, what job you have, or what kind of friends you have, it simply displays to you what you have manifested.

Now Image you are the remote control for this Universe. When you change the channel, inside of the remote, an IR projector generates and sends a signal out that the TV (or most likely Cable or Sat. Box) simply receives and changes the channel.

So in the metaphor of you as the remote, and the Universe as a Cable box: your thoughts are the signal that is generated, your actions are the projection of them, and the Universe is the Receiver and of your signal, and projector or the new Channel.

Just like on a television it will only stay on that channel until you turn it off or change the channel. Now for small things this doesn't make a huge difference, if i have my mind set on " go to the kitchen and get a glass of water" it usually doesn't to long to manifest, only as long as it takes for me to put the signal out (walk to the fridge), and for the universe to respond ( instantly, to my touch). Then I don't have to keep holding the thought, which is true for anything, after you own a Million Dollar Home and an Audi A8 , you don't have to keep thinking about acquiring them.

So for things that take longer to manifest you have to hold them in your mind for and long as you have to. For the possessions , you keep thinking about them, know in your mind that they are on their way, and ways will present themselves for you to acquire said item.

One of my tricks is called a vision board, and vision cards. In my vision board I put up pictures of things that I want to happen in the future and also have small "card" versions of them that I carry with me.

Then you have to change the language that you use. Instead of saying things like " When I get a new job" , "When I get a new car..." etc. Say " The car that I am getting" , "The house that I am getting" "My new job is... "

This change in language changes your thought, changes the channel that you are changing to and helps you manifest whatever it is that you are thinking about.

And remember, just like a television, the universe doesn't care what you watch or see. So would you rather be watching Home & Garden? The Speed Channel? MTV Cribs? , or "My crappy job with a spouse I don't enjoy and a bad apartment"? ( I don't think there is a show like that anyway... Maybe "Married with Children" )

It's all the same to the Universe!

What is on your Vision board ?
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11 years 6 months ago #174 by Ratedmusic
For people that want a another explanation. The TV remote uses frequencies to change the channel, Your brain uses frequencies to. So we hear frequencies, Taste frequencies and smell frequencies. We are beings of frequencies/light. So if you can tune in your brain like a radio to the right channel (Manifest) you will find what you want to find in this life. -Rated
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7 years 6 months ago #3760 by zeleenann
Replied by zeleenann on topic Using the Law of Attraction in your Daily Life
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