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Thoughts on a wet Yorkshire day.

10 years 10 months ago #1666 by Kerry
Watching the jackdaws - it's an inevitable pastime , they live out their lives all around me. In the trees to the north and west, and on chimney-stacks in the east and south. Nesting in the air vents and spare chimneys of our house, they confirm the fact that any building becomes part of the landscape. No escape.

Congregating and dispersing to some subtle and complex tune I can't hear, sailing effortless or battling the wind, I often wonder what logic determines their flights, and whether when huddled behind the shelter of a chimney-pot, they feel as disgruntled as they look. Especially days like today -- low cloud just above the rooftops, and everything dripping, soaking and cold in the winter's mist.

Just down the road, is Crow Trees Wood, where crows are outnumbered 50 to 1 by jackdaws. Perhaps those who named woods in this district were unaware of the solitary nature of the crow, or the helpful old saying that if you see a group of crows, they're rooks, and if you see a solitary rook, it's a crow. Or perhaps they were more sensitive to poetic meter than ornithological precision, since Jackdaw Trees Wood lacks the necessary crispness, having the extra syllable.

It could be that the mild autumn is giving rise to a plague of parasites, and as yet there are few active chimneys for smoking out the fleas, but certainly the choreography has undergone an eerie change of late. Roosting in pairs, they usually perch a couple of feet apart so that wings can be stretched without acrimony, but recently a new togetherness has become the rule, and much mutual preening goes on as they now perch shoulder to shoulder.
This outbreak of avian solidarity has me wondering if they know something about 2012 that I don't, -- a question which is answered in the mere act of phrasing it, since I know nothing, and they know everything they need, except perhaps that when they huddle closer together, my world also becomes a little more sombre and harsh.
This colony is by no means isolated, but part of a larger cohesive society. Not for jackdaws our clinging to tribal insularity - though territorial, they are connected and interconnected, and a great deal of visiting is the norm.

Some days other colonies come winging through the mist, and set up several temporary headquarters in adjacent woodlands. Then the emissaries begin, singly and in groups, to move between the various focal points, the air not only sustaining their wings, but serving as the vehicle for their calls which continue throughout the day. These occasions have an air of purpose, an atmosphere of conference and resolve for the Corvid cause. To call it a parliament would give the idea, but these aerial activities reveal a beauty and dignity which differentiate them from the actions of our politicians.
Not that they need to voice their thoughts, for this is no disorganised rabble but a composite being, able to operate on both the individual and the collective level, a group able to take flight as one without discernible cause. Viewing them as mere individuals only indicates my own frequent lack of awareness and the continuing legacy of my hubristic humanity. We are all connected, -- ask the Jackdaws.

Surely there is something for me to learn from their perfect synchrony of the collective and the individual, using the benefits of each while I often suffer the worst of both worlds? Wouldn't it be easier to love my neighbour, if my life were truly illuminated by the awareness that we are all made of the same stuff, and part of the same thing ?

When a fledgling's first flight from the nest under our eaves ended prematurely on next-door's compost heap owing to a length of string and nest material firmly knotted round it's ankle, I went over to try and free the hapless aviator. As I picked it up, the rest of the jackdaws set up a racket, and swooped down as if to effect a rescue, making the untangling a difficult process, but after cutting the string -- so much thicker than the young ankle, at last I could lift the bird aloft, and watch it's more successful second flight and subsequent ascent into a tall beech tree to join it's anxious parents.

Yes - although they feel an enmity borne of old, I still try to gain their favour, and convince them of my inhuman kindness, my willingness to share the world gladly with them. My offerings however, cut no ice with the corvid. Brief eye-contact tells me they are all too aware of the activities of my species, and as one of that group, I am still feared and avoided with the rest.
But what they give me, is so much more valuable than the bread I give them.
We are all connected.
Ask the jackdaws.

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10 years 10 months ago #1669 by soffty
Very nice. You obviously have a talent beyond the ordinary.

This gives me something to blame the condition of this country upon. I will blame you, since you do not walk into the White House and take over. A perfectly worthwhile system of thought as compared to how our conutry is run. I blame you because I love you.

The strange thing, as I sit in a bar and talk to a stranger about this exact topic, is that I know this is exactly how it is intended to be. We have our purpose in life. If we are the 1% who chose to come here and sacrifcie, we have our plan laid out, and suffering is one component that helps us to make the correct decision so that we stay on course.

The 99% came from the darkness, and their goal is to shed the ego and find peace, so that they can also make the choice to come here and suffer. That is why we have to sway in and out of despair, as we tread our path with conviction and embrace our destiny. The fact that so many are lost within their delusion and cannot hope to find any truth in this daily routine is a testament to the notion that we need to review our status so that we understand our purpose.

We made the choices that guide our routines. Our Free Will is but one method by which we find truth. Just following the slight influences we notice, as we stay focused on a goal in this material world, will lead us to the places where our choices are waiting to be made. We all help each other find our way, since without the Act Of Giving, we are on our own. But, we may encounter a lucky moment when our courses intersect and we gain that advantage.

Self confidence is born form reassurance that we are here for a reason...the 1%. It is not our job to reason out this purpose. We have made our choices long ago. If we have the ability to NOT assume, to not be so goal-oriented that we walk right by our spots of interest, then we will welcome the help from our attendants...those who seem less perfect than they should be, but are not lost inside ego...and have waited for the moment to share.

The offerings from lowly strangers who speak of ego and purpose...those are the choices made by YOU...the chosen one. It was you who made the decision to allow Giving to inspire the decision making process to include YOUR direction. The ability to accept a gift from that which you despise, is a filter designed to affect our choice in this vibrating world...since we cannot drag our consciousness from the other dimension to this negatively charged magnetic ball of remains of our past.

A consciousness that is not focused on ME. One that is instead serving a purpose...that YOU chose.


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7 years 6 months ago #3638 by zeest14
Replied by zeest14 on topic Thoughts on a wet Yorkshire day.
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