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This is what I learned from my son this week...
Bliss is the natural state of the human consciousness, it is natural for us to have a love so strong that it pours out of us and overflows.
When we remove the layers of stories and cultural conditioning that have been imprinted on us, the emotions begin to come to the surface, where they must be felt, even if it is uncomfortable, then they can be released. Once all of the bubbles of stored emotions in the body rise to the surface, we can return to the pure love and beautiful state that we were in when we were babies and children. This is the natural state of the human condition, it is from cultural impressions of fear, anger, hate, greed, and confusion that are placed upon people in their pure state, which removes the confidence in love 💕😇 from the person.
But that state can be re-atained through meditation, which releases the emotions and returns the body to it's natural balance and state of bliss. It can take longer than the short term pleasures such as food and sex, but the results of meditation last for a long time and continue to build on top of each other, and you can find happiness 😊 and Bliss even after it has been lost.
The body naturally knows how to meditate, slip into the zone, the flow, the same way it knows how to fall asleep and breath 🫁.
Just sit in a chair or on the floor in a comfortable position, palms up or down depending on how you feel, and close your eyes. It can be a little bit uncomfortable for the very beginning and first couple of minutes; all of the emotional energy is rising to the surface, just sit with it and you will naturally get into more peaceful states, by allowing the emotions to rise and then releasing them. Simple tools can be bringing your attention to your breath, allowing your body to naturally slow down, and repeating and mantra in your head for your attention to flow with, a powerful mantra is "Ohm" " AUM" , "Om" , all pronounced the same way, but the pronunciation doesn't really matter as long as your mind is relaxing.
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