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Some people think that they are having a spiritual ascension because they have received new gifts like telepathy, mediumship, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsenteince etc, many things can trigger these abilities which are inate in all humans... but this is different than ascension, during that simple awakening, new gifts will arise, but the person will not know how to manage their energy, and harness the abilities, which leads to confusion, anger, depression, bipolar, and a downward spiral, this is the darkness ( demonic, Luciferian, what ever you want to call it) giving you gifts in order to control you, this is not Ascension. During ascension ones abilities are natural byproducts of the individuals personality, they understand and use these gifts for the greatest good out of love, compassion, and humility, moving into more and more pure and deeper states of love and gratitude and peace 🕊️, this is the true ascension into Christ consciousness of unconditional love 💕, when one feels God in every, and everything in God 🙏. Jesus does not try to confuse people, God loves you, there are no mysteries to God 🙏✨ Just that it is everything, infinite in dimension, and eternal.

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