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10 years 4 months ago - 10 years 4 months ago #1275 by xcerca7
New poem was created by xcerca7
My cousin started a joke where we sent poems her brother, my cousin, this is what I wrote, I think it is very good:

Detached angels search for heaven
Working with the wrong vibration
Living in the wrong translation
Staring out into their minds
In their soul they always find
The Unity of all that is

They take the bull and thrash him down
Kick the mountains to the ground
Stand up fierce and proud and tall
Eye the world and say to all
I am!

With every beat upon his chest
and every ounce of his flesh
They stand
Fierce and Bold and Noble

The Angels find their heaven
hidden by decades of neglect
they didn't know they should protect
the loving light was once suspect

It's inside you where your soul will be
and let I AM run loud and free
and you be you and me be me
All together,
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10 years 3 months ago #1439 by Aisling
Replied by Aisling on topic Re: New poem
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